Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sketchbook 2012 - Owls in Monochrome

This is my contribution to the Sketchbook 2012 Project.  My theme was monochrome and I decided to fill my book with paintings of owls together with some random facts, anecodotes and a nice couple of poems.

I have been lucky to be flooded in the last few days and not being able to go to work let me get this finished off.  The irony of this is that it has to be postmarked 31 January, so if the rain doesn't stop I won't be able to get it mailed in time!!


  1. If all else fails, I'm sure your resident Powerful Owl will take it for you. The last little guy really made me smile :)

  2. I especially like the purple owl. If you like, check out my Two Owls with a cupcake on my site: